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The ArtSciety Game Night: 

Spades Tournament ♠️ 

This an official winners take all Spades Tournament!

Thursday, July 29th! 7pm-11:30pm

@ ArtSciety location:

4266 E. Ponce De Leon Ave.

Clarkston, GA, 30021

The winners will receive :

$400 ($200 each)… so far..

(The cash prize will grow with participants!)

- Seasonal Championship Title 

(Forever Listed as Champions)

- A chance to compete for  

Annual Spades Championship!

Games will be broken down into 2 different times:

Time 1: (7pm-9pm)

Time 2: (9pm-11pm) 


- You must show up on time for your play time. Failure to report on time of your game is an automatic forfeit of game with no refund.

-No refunds once games begin.

-No refunds due to the outcome of games

-No one can play in place of players

-No one can help or assist players in any way

- For reasons of fairness participants are NOT allowed to bring anyone for this event. This is a participant only event. 

-The “house” or the host of the game, ArtSciety affiliates will determine if game rules or house rules have been broken. 

-House rules and games rules will be posted. 

-Cheaters will be eliminated from tournament and banned from all future

“ ArtSciety Game Nights” events with no refund. 

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